My Name is Debbie Taboh. The inspiration for Butafrog began back in 2004 when my husband went to a local Farmers Market where a local vendor sold butterfly caterpillers. My husband purchased one and brought it home. I watched the caterpiller everyday,until it emerged into a a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. After that I started my own butterfly garden. Another frequent visitor came to my garden- the Treefrog .As a Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, I enjoy shooting nature and all it's intricacies. They became a fascination for most of my work. As I was caring for my Treefrogs and Butterfly garden is when it occured to me to place butterfly wings on one of my frogs. The word Butafrog slipped out and it stuck as I captured an image of the two. In 2007, I was doing local art & craft shows selling my photography. In addition, I created the Apparel line around my new Character Benny the Butafrog which is now a registered Trademark, sending his message to- "Leap before you fly-Dream Big!" With the purchase of any Butafrog apparel you can spread the word to inspire yourself or as a gift to family and friends  that anything is possible if you just- Dream Big! 

Benny the Butafrog is now a life size Character standing over 7Ft tall and designed by Irene Corey Designs. 
All the images that I capture are embellished with Genuine Swarovski Crystals , which gives them each an original touch-no two are alike. I custom hand cut each mat and do all my own framing. My vision, inspiration and passion are a pleasure to share with you.